31st January,2013

National Seminar on Stress Management ,Masowal

Manowal : 31st January,2013
On Thursday ,Under the Kind patronage of Vedant Acharya Swami Chetna Nand Ji Bhuriwale, Present head of Maharaj Bhuriwale Sampraday a “NATIONAL SEMINAR ON STRESS MANAGEMENT” was organised in the campus of Maharaj Brahma Nand Bhuriwale Garib Dassi Rana Gajinder Chand Girls College of Education, Mansowal(Hoshiarpur) .Read More..

23rd Oct , 2011

Foundation stone of Nursing College,Pojewal

With the devine blessings of Maharaj Bhuriwale, MBG Education Trust(Regd.) has taken further step in the field of technical/Professional education.They blessed the rural area of Kandi/Doon as well as himachal boundry with a Nursing College for girls at Pojewal,Distt:S.B.S Nagar.The 'Neeh Pathar" ceremony was done by the present head of Bhuriwale Sampraday Vedant Acharya Maharaj Chetna Nandji Bhuriwale & the president of Gujjar Samaj Kalyan Parishad,Chandiagarh Ch.Hoshiar Singh. Read More..

16th,July, 2011

Free Eye Checkup and Operation Camp Organised by MBG Education Trust at Bhawanipur

Under the cheif patron of Vedant Acharya Swami Chetna Nand ji Bhuriwale, A free Eye/Medical checkup and operation camp has been organised by MBG Education Trust , where 480 patients were examine .Free Medicine has been given to all the patients .After examinatin, 320 patient has been given opticals provided by Mr.Harbans lal(Doaba Optical ,Gharshanker) .During this medical camp over 250 patient's Blood pressure and sugar test checked by Dr.Davinder (Khurda Hospital).Out of 480 patients 53 patient need to be operate which is further operate by Dr.Yash Pal Goyal at BBMB Nangal. All the travelling,food and operation expenses has been beared by trust .... More Snaps

17th,Feb 2011

ਭੂਰੀਵਾਲੇ ਟਰੱਸਟ ਵਲੋ ਸੀ .ਬੀ.ਐਸ .ਸੀ ਸਕੂਲ ਦਾ ਉਦਘਾਟਨ -ਅਜੀਤ

5th,Feb 2011

ਭੂਰੀ ਵਾਲੇ ਵਿਦਿਅਕ ਟਰੱਸਟ ਦੀ ਸਿਖਿਆ ਦੇ ਖੇਤਰ 'ਚ ਵਡਮੁਲੀ  ਦੇਂਣ- ਢੀਂਡਸਾ ::: ਅਜੀਤ

28th,January 2011

Free Eye Checkup Camp Organised by Trust

A free eye checkup and operation camp was organised by Maharaj Lal Das Brahmanand Bhurawale Garibdasi Charitable Trust in village Jhandian Kalan near Nurpur Bedi. Eye camp was inaugurated by present head of Bhuriwale sect Acharya Shri Swami Chetnanand ji Bhuriwale with the enchanting of Manglacharan. After inauguration, while speaking he said that serving humanity is one of the best ways to serve God. During the camp 410 patients were checked by eminent eye specialist Dr. M.S.Goyal from Nangal. 86 patients were found to be in need of being operated which will be done free of cost by the trust. Medicine and specs will also be distributed free of cost to the patients. Langar was also served during camp. During the camp trust president Prof. Mahinder Singh Baggi, Dr. Kundan Lal, General Secretary Tirath Ram Bhumbla, Subedar Krishan Kumar, Dharmpal Kasana president of committee, Sarpanch Om Singh, Subedar Khushi Ram, Bhajan lal, Lakhwinder Singh from Brahmin sabha, Dilbag Rai Millu, Dharampal, Banarsi Das, Contractor Krishan Lal, Kamal Singh, Kulvinder Singh, Hemraj, Mohan Singh Munshi, and Dr. Yashpal were present. Watch Gallery

07,January 2011

ट्रस्ट दे रहा शिक्षा के क्षेत्र में बड़ा योगदान : चीमा

06,January 2011

कैंप में 530 लोगों के स्वास्थ्य की जांच Danik Bhaskar Cached

25,August 2010

"Tree Plantation Drive" by Vedhant Acharya Swami Chetnanand ji Bhuriwale

Vedhant Achayra Swami Chetna Nand ji Bhuriwale the present head of Maharaj Bhuriwale Sampraday organised a "Tree Plantation Drive" within their followers on the occasion of "World Environtment Day" at Dham Malewal in the district of S.B.S Nagar today...............Read More ............Watch Gallery

Pucca waterholes for denizens of forest
Courtesy Bhuriwale Trust
- 17,April-2010-The Tribune
Maharaj Chetnanand Bhuriwale, patron of Maharaj Bhuriwale Garib Dassi Education Trust, has come forward with an innovative idea for the welfare of wild animals in the forest area falling under Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar, Ropar and Hoshiarpur districts.

Earlier, the saint launched a campaign “Each one, adopt one” and mobilised people to adopt stray cows with a view to protecting them as well as saving residents, especially farmers, of the Kandi and Bet areas from the menace of animals which used to play havoc with their crops. .......Read More

शिक्षा क्षेत्र में भुरीवालों की संस्था के कार्यो का कोई मोल नहीं : डा. चीमा ---23 Feb,2010 Punjab Kesari

120th Birth Anniversary of Satguru Lal Das Ji Bhuriwale was celebrated at : Tapparian Khurd on 18 Dec,09. where CM lauded the contribution of Bhuriwale Sect toward spiritual developement ,education and health,virtually transforming the lives of the residents of the backward kandi area in Nawashar,Hoshiarpur & Ropar district. ...................Read More

The 7th Nirmaan Divas of Maharaja brahmanad bhuriwala was held at vill.Pojewal Dham, distt Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar (Punjab) on 1 May, of attracted 50,000 of dedicated fellowers, saints, social workers and policatical leaders.

An impressive function was held to celebrate the b'dayof second head of the feet. Swami Lal Dass Ji,bhuriwala at vill Raqba Dhm distt Ludhiana on 26 May,09. About 40,000 of dedicated fellowers, saints, social workers and policatical leaders.

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